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The Sochi Olympics mark the 90th anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games which began back in 1924 in the wonderful city of Paris. In recent years, Italian excellence has been constantly at the front and has always involved athletes, institutions and companies. These companies have committed themselves, year after year, to constant research to create new products to improve the performance and safety of Olympic competitors. Dainese, leader in the field of creating of clothing and protection for use in dynamic sports is one such company.

Dainese will be one of the star attractions at a seminar entitled “ITALIAN PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE” scheduled for Saturday 8 February at 11.30 at Casa Italia, the headquarters of Coni in Sochi. Here representatives from Italian companies, athletes and institutions will bear witness to and support the concepts of innovation, design, technology and Italian spirit in winter sports.

Among the speakers will be Vittorio Cafaggi - Dainese Strategic Development Manager – who will present D-Air® Ski, the “intelligent” protection system based on air-bag technology and now dedicated to use in Alpine Ski competitions. This system forms an integral part of a skier's clothing and can deploy automatically in under 100 milliseconds in the event of a violent fall protecting the chest, shoulders, collar bones and cervical vertebrae.

During the seminar, a video showing the deployment of the D-Air® Ski system will also be shown. This is sure to both delight and involve the audience who need to be made more aware of certain important matters regarding safety and protection.

This event will be all about interactivity with speakers able to freely launch presentations, stirring videos and messages thanks to the presence of a touch table. They will also be able to interact with the audience through the use of an app created especially for the event.

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