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Mission accomplished for the technical protective wear used by Jorge Lorenzo during the Australian Grand Prix. Suit, gloves, boots, protections and D-air racing system have worked together to best protect the young Spanish rider who didn’t actually receive any significant injuries even though he was at the centre of a disastrous fall during the opening stages of the race.
The dynamics of the crash were quite remarkable: coming into contact with Nicky Hayden’s Ducati at over 240 km/h, breaking the front disk brake of Lorenzo’s M1 so he could not Jorge prepare for the first bend. At the start of the fall he was going at 200 km/h, which dropped slightly before his impact with the ground at an awesome acceleration of over 10g.
On this occasion the activation of D-air racing was essential, its deployment dampened the compression on Lorenzo’s shoulders and collar bone (this part of the body had already been injured), saving him from much more severe damage.

Notwithstanding the severity of the fall, the Full Metal Racer gloves were perfect in protecting the Majorcan champion’s hands thanks to their reinforced backs in Kevlar-Carbonium with Titanium inserts: after over 6 seconds of rolling and skidding he only received a slight scuffing on the little finger of this right hand.


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