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30 August 2012 | News

We reached out to Nicky Hayden to check how the recovery was going after his hard crash in Indianapolis qualifications. This is what he told us:

“Bones don’t heal in ten days, but the swelling is down in my hand, and the feeling is much better with both that and my head.

“Really, other than my hand, everything is 100 percent. I’m a little bit sore in my shoulder and my chest, but I’m very grateful for my airbag in that crash. I haven’t looked at the data with Dainese, but I was able to look at some pictures, and you can clearly see the airbag deployed at the perfect time, while I was getting ejected from the bike. I definitely appreciate that, because as hard as I landed on my shoulder and side, there’s no doubt I would have had worse damage without the airbag. I think I was doing right at 100 mph when I crashed, so the suit certainly did its job on that one."

“Dainese has asked me to bring the gloves back so they can investigate them and study, to see if there’s anything more to learn for the future. It’s great to see them working so hard to help keep us riders safe.”