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09 April 2009 | News

Valentino Rossi wore for the first time a special version of his racing suit which now features the latest evolution of the D-Air Racing System.
The latter incorporates many important and new elements which made Valentino willing to test it immediately.

- Shock protection: the new D-Air Racing now protects also the area of the shoulders and collar-bone. Tests conducted following the norms for the homologation of protective devices showed that the D-Air allows a reduction of 84% of transmitted energy. Moreover the system works in perfect synergy with the traditional protections, also improving the latter's capability to remain in position after an impact.
- Protection from hyperextension: as the sack inflates it limits extreme movements of the neck after an impact.
- Ergonomics: the system is comfortably placed underneath the suit. The inflation of the sack makes the upper part of the suit temporarily blow, and the pilot can then deflate it to start riding again after the fall. The placement of the device has been studied rigorously to avoid any sort of interference with the pilot.
- Weight: the overall weight of the D-Air has been diminished thanks to the miniaturization of its components.

Tests of the new D-Air Racing keep on going with Michi Ranseder and Marco Simoncelli, competing respectively in the 125cc and 250cc.

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