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D-air® Street works in synergy with normal traditional body armour and in addition incorporates a back protector and chest protector.

What the D-air® street protects:

- Rider and pillion
- Rib cage and vital organs
- Spinal column
- Limit extreme neck movements

D-air® Street comprises two units, one on the bike and one on the rider


  • - Accelerometer sensors on forks and frame
  • - Central electronic control unit housing the hardware and triggering algorithm software
  • - The sensor positions have been chosen to detect an impact as quickly as possible.

A bike-mounted central control unit:
  • - Offers a more reliable system.
  • - Provides the rider with a system for monitoring the status of the rider/pillion D-air® unit
  • - Reduces the weight and size of the rider/pillion subsystem.


  • - Electronic system: radio system for bidirectional bike-to-rider/pillion data transmission and vice versa. Communicates constantly with the bike and triggers the D-air® system upon the occurrence of a recognised event.
  • - Pneumatic system with 'cold' technology gas generators and 12L airbag with Dainese-patented 3D structure.