Study of combined motorcycle-rider system dynamics


The effectiveness and safety of an airbag system is largely determined by the quality of the triggering algorithm used, which must be able to distinguish between incipient fall conditions and normal use conditions, including sports use.
Conditions that can lead to a fall arise when the front wheel starts to slide during braking on a bend, or when the rear wheel loses traction coming out of a bend. The motorcycle-rider system, which was formerly in equilibrium, becomes unbalanced. This phenomenon is the key to the triggering algorithm.
Study carried out by the Padua University "Motorcycle Dynamics Research Group" led by Prof. Vittore Cossalter. The decision to consider the rider and motorcycle as a single system rather than two independent systems made it possible to develop a uniquely innovative triggering algorithm that can distinguish between normal riding and a fall - something very difficult to achieve on the track, where bikes can reach lean angles of over 50°.