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25 July 2005 | News

During the Motorcycle GP racing weekend in Donington, England, Valentino Rossi provided a perfect interpretation of two sayings: "Make hay while the sun shines" and "Even the darkest cloud has a silver lining".
On Saturday beneath sunny English skies on perfectly dry asphalt, Valentino left all his adversaries behind and gained a stratospheric pole position by setting a new record for the English track. The next day, when rain god Giove Pluvio decided to open the Olympian faucets all the way with a driving downpour that amazed even the English (and that's saying something!), Doctor Rossi showed that he inhabits an entirely different world by risking more than any sensible pilot with his stellar advantage in the overall standings would ever have dared and won yet another race in nothing less than spectacular style!.
Thanks again, Valentino!
Faced with a star performance of the kind, the other racers could do little more than vie for seconds. Pity that at least some of the honours did not go to Max Biaggi, who got off to a good start but left the battlefield almost immediately after a harrowing spill during the first lap, luckily without injury.
In the next-biggest 250 cc cylinder displacement class, Dani Pedrosa rode his best race in the same English rain and came in 4th to gain more points and consolidate his own No. 1 position in the world standings. Excellent results were also achieved by Simone Corsi, with a 6th place finish despite a nasty injury to his calf, and Jorge Lorenzo, who came in 9th.
In 125 cc competition, Marco Simoncelli was up there with the leaders and missed the winner's stand by a hair, while Lüthi, who finished 6th behind a Pablo Nieto in fine form picked up precious points that brought him to 2nd place in the world's ranking.