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05 December 2006 | News

Developing technology around Dainese people means achieving total integration between people and their equipment.
In the CrossOver process, Dainese evolves through projects that bring the brand that was born and bred on MotoGP race tracks to snowy ski slopes, by way of MTB trails and the world of water sports: "Different Playgrounds. One Project".
With industrial design solutions for the widest range of situations, Dainese now brings the high-tech content of its protective wear to the world of the automobile through the creation of a concept car, conceived and designed by Dainese Art Director Renato Montagner that transfers all the values of the historical Veneto company into a Panda 4x4 completely re-designed by CHANGEDESIGN, the creative team captained by Montagner himself.
In this way, the auto becomes a better way to reach the different playgrounds where Dainese gives its best: from motorcycles to mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, and water sports.
In the words of Montagner himself, the auto has been stripped of every superficial element down to its essence for the ideal expression of the naked concept. This is a design project that has its roots in motorcycling and is addressed to the world of lovers of extreme sports and challenge with little patience for compromise.
This FIAT Panda with completely redesigned interiors and integrated systems expressly studied by Dainese and built with collaboration from Ferrino becomes a two-seater for the transport of all the dynamic sports equipment you require and the “vehicle” for all the values symbolised by the renowned Veneto company’s Red Devil lines and design.

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