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07 June 2004 | News

High speed, two wheels and safety provided the common ground for the meeting of champions the likes of Petacchi, Biaggi and Rossi who all got together in Mugello. Dainese and its across-the-board protection served as the catalyst for this important encounter among the fastest two-wheel riders in the world of sports.
After carefully assessing the technological solutions Dainese proposes for protection, Petacchi agreed to evaluate the prototypes developed for road cycling, especially in light of the various injuries that occurred at the recent edition of the Tour of Italy.
There's no doubt that this is one of the most thrilling Motorcycle GP seasons ever. The struggle between Rossi and Gibernau is a battle of titans, and on one of the most challenging and selective racetracks on the circuit, motorcycle racing showed its best sides. The intense competition provided a fight to the final centimeter and spinning wheels within millimeters of each other in the highest spirit of fair-play.
Valentino Rossi's racing strategy and class prevailed twice that day in both parts of the event initially interrupted by rain, while Max Biaggi continued racking up precious points that keep him high in the standings by coming in with a third place finish.