Bike protections PRO PACK EVO

Dainese MTB Pro Pack backpack which combines a level 2 protector with a roomy backpack that can be configured for a 12-litre touring setup or in racing format to let you carry what is strictly necessary.
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Designed as a back protector with an integrated backpack, it provides effective spine protection, while giving you the flexibility of removable storage for basic equipment. It has two configurations to choose fro,. The Pro Pack's Touring Configuration has a 12-liter storage capacity, allowing you to carry all your essential items for a day in the saddle. By removing the top cover, the Pro Pack transforms into Racing Configuration - a slimmed down back pack protector with indicidual pockets to carry your hidration bag and basic cycling equipment.


  • Material

    Crash Absorb soft memory foam

  • Protection

    Flex Technology back protector

  • Performance shock

    Back protector certified according to the standard EN 1621.2 - Level 2

  • General features

    Removable and fully adjustable waistband

    Elastic housing for fastening a full face or trail helmet

    12-liter storage capacity

    Two pack configurations to suit a variety of riding styles

    Hidden elastic strap to fasten knee guards

    Waterbag housing

    Utility pocket organizer

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