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  1. Aside from how unbelievably lightweight the shirt is, it is also the warmest, most comfortable and handsomely cut shirt I currently own. Perfect as a base layer for the Racing Pelle.

    Review by Tom Courtney (Inviato su 15/10/13)
  2. Corey at the Dainese store in Costa Mesa, CA recommended this fleece. I was a bit skeptical about it but after riding under very chilly and windy condition in one of Los Angeles canyons, all I can say is WOW! I wore this fleece under a perforated leather jacket with the thermal liner on. I didn't feel the cold and neither the wind as I did with the same jacket, the same liner and just a regular long sleeve cotton shirt.

    I am one of those that can't handle cold weather at all. I HATE cold but this Windstopper fleece got me to ride all day long in very cold weather and also in the freeway for at least 45min. Unbelievable. I highly recommend it.

    Review by Stuart Ferreyra (Inviato su 06/12/10)
  3. Realmente fantastico, paragonabile al cold killer inglese che avevo comprato all'Isola di Man durante il TT 2009.
    Magari un poco caro......

    Review by (Inviato su 03/02/10)

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