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  1. No one enjoys wearing leathers when they are just going around town. These go under my kevlar jeans and no one even knows I'm wearing them. A really comfortable product that offers real protection for a bargain price

    Review by Leonardo (Inviato su 13/11/10)
  2. Great material, excellent fit and not go up and down the legs, what a perfect protection!!! I feel very safe wearing these on my knee, period. Thanks Danese for making great product.

    Review by Young (Inviato su 11/10/10)
  3. Since it's not very practical use track pants on our day-to-day (although it would be safer), when I discover the Dainese Knee V I though to myself, 'this is exactly the solution I was looking for!'. Extremely fit-able and practical, you can use whether inside or outside your pants because they will fit just fine! And I also must Confess that now I feel a lot more confident and protected when riding!


    Ride Safe

    Review by Manuel Pinheiro (Inviato su 18/07/10)

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