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Pensati per un utilizzo estivo, e dedicato ai mototuristi più esigenti in termini di ventilazione ed ergonomia, i pantaloni Drake Air Tex sono confezionati in tessuto Cordura® 750 e Suretta, e sono dotati di inserti elasticizzati, zip di connessione con la giacca, regolazione ampiezza fianchi e zip sul fondo gamba, offrendo così grande mobilità e un fit personalizzabile. Grazie alle prese d’aria in rete sulle cosce, è garantito un flusso d’aria abbondante sul corpo nelle giornate più calde. Protettori compositi sulle ginocchia ed inserti morbidi sui fianchi completano il quadro tecnico di questo apprezzatissimo capo.

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  1. I have had the pants and jacket for three plus years and they have been very comfortable so they were getinng kinda grubby. then I washed them as per the instructions on the label. WOW they are like new and black again. awsome system I would recomend them to anyone and have. they are my summer wear. and just enough ventilation with shorts on underneath.

    Review by Bruce Wheeler (Inviato su 20/06/12)
  2. I've owned these pants for one season (bought in May '08) and they are very nice BUT the fit in the crotch area needs to be enlarged/deepened. The seam going from the front zipper to your butt pulls right up into my crotch when they're connected to my Dainese leather jacket. This is so pronounced when riding my Ducati 1098 that I have to keep the pants and jacket disconnected. I also have a Ducati Multistrada (upright riding position) and this issue isn't as bad but still bad enough for me to keep the two disconnected.

    Of course, because I can't connect my jacket to the pants, the protective qualities of my gear is reduced significantly.

    All this said, I love the quality of the pants - I just wish the fit was slightly better.

    Review by (Inviato su 01/06/09)
  3. In my search for overpants, that I can wear over jeans or slacks, I researched just about every well-known brand of textile pants available in the market. I wanted a pair of pants that can provide: good ventilation; excellent abrasion resistance; waist zip connection to jacket; knee & hip protection. The Drake Air Tex pants had all the features I wanted at the right price. Although they aren't marketed as overpants, by purchasing 1 size up I am able to wear these with or without pants underneath depending on my needs. Best of all, the fastening system allows me to connect these pants to my Dainese leather and textile jackets.

    Review by (Inviato su 11/04/09)

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