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Pensati per un utilizzo estivo, e dedicato ai mototuristi più esigenti in termini di versatilità ed ergonomia, i pantaloni New Drake Air Tex sono confezionati in tessuto elasticizzato Cordura® Comfort, e sono dotati di zip di connessione con la giacca, regolazione ampiezza fianchi e zip sul fondo gamba, offrendo così grande mobilità e un fit personalizzabile. Grazie alle prese d’aria richiudibili sulle cosce, che assicurano la corretta ventilazione anche nelle giornate più calde, il comfort di marcia è assicurato. Protettori compositi sulle ginocchia ed inserti rifrangenti completano il quadro tecnico di questo apprezzatissimo capo.

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  1. These pants are the only pants that I have bought that did not need any kind of modification. out of all of the pants I have ever bought (jeans and slacks included) these pants fit perfect. I'm 5'5" 155lbs. pants that fit properly, both waist and inseam, are very hard to come by. when I first tried on a pair (25) I instantly fell in love with the fit and thus the brand. I will never go for another brand of riding gear. These pants are very comfortable in 60*-80* weather. The range of motion is excellent I can wear these pants for long periods of time off the bike as well as on the bike ( with only undergarments or a pair of jeans). Even after having the pants for 4 months I still get a giddy feeling when putting the pants on and I have fount no defects yet! This is after 5K mi of commuting and back roads riding.

    Review by Jose Tarin (Inviato su 23/06/12)
  2. I haven't had a chance to use these pants on the summer road yet(it's too cold here) but I tried them on - perfect fit! I'm thinking about changing all my gear to Dainese.

    Review by Artur Belavin (Inviato su 03/04/12)
  3. This is one of the best motorcycle pants I purchased. It is comfortable and very functional; the air vents on the thighs work great when hot and you can close it quickly when chilly. The materials are first rate and again I can't say enough about the comfort especially when riding and it really looks great on and off the bike. I bought it for safety purposes but it's a all around great pants and you will not be disappointed with the quality. I ride in Southern California and it's perfect for 70 - 80 degree rides. It's on the slimmer fit so get a larger size if you plan on wearing anything under.

    Review by Richard (Inviato su 04/07/11)

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