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Tattoo - The Art of Motorcycle


The concept behind the Tattoo racing suite is inspired by the art of tattoo that now interprets the style of the modern motorcycle rider as it once adorned the bodies of valorous warriors in centuries past. A sandwich panel laser system between kangaroo hide and Lorica creates sensational visual impact: the figures that recall ancient Samurai patterns and Maori motifs in pale colored design leap right out of the suit's black backgound. The craftsman's skill and tchnological innovation come together in a combination that D-TEC® has adopted to explore roads not yet taken and create absolutely unique products.

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Excellent properties of abrasion and tear resistance are guaranteed by the sandiwich construction of the tattoo prof. racing suit and the bonding of kangaroo hide to Lorica leather by a thermoadhesive film.

This working/stitching process permits the tattoo decoration of the Lorica leather on the outside that is literally unpeeled to make the underlying design emerge. This technology can only be achieved in the D-TEC® Dainese Technology Center laboratories in Molvena.

The final phase of the suit's construction is the gluing of the two materials (kangaroo hide and Lorica) by means of a thermoadhesive film activated by a hot press.


Guy Martin e Valentino Rossi


Laser-treated leather label and a Tattoo suit detail