D-Air® Bag and Biosuit®




Dainese has been invited to exhibit its projects D-Air®, an air bag for motorcyclists, and Biosuit®, a pressurised suit for astronauts, in the Venice Pavilion at the Biennale, which, this year, hosts an exhibition entitled: Looking ahead. The evolution of the art of making. 9 stories from Veneto: Digital – not only digital.


“The exhibition – explains its curator Architect Aldo Cibic - is about creative processes which, starting with an idea, have developed along paths that are often tortuous, involving experiments, risk taking, errors, illusions, planned or casual meetings and second thoughts, and led to results that are acknowledged for their intrinsic quality and originality."


“Looking ahead” is intended to highlight the powerful force of the link between artistic creativity and state-of-the-art technology that can give rise to discontinuous innovation, which is not the development of what already exists but a technological leap able to create fast and significant progress.


Dainese, true to its company mission of protecting the human body in dynamic sports, began experimenting with electronic air bags back in 2000. Although tortuous, the path has brought much international acclaim (including German TÜV certification and projects with motorbike manufacturers such as DUCATI, PEUGEOT and YAMAHA), allowing us to develop top-level technology for the D-air platform in order to protect the human body.


Dainese has a real mission that is not only focused on marketing but also on all areas of company activities. Lino Dainese and his collaborators worked for 10 years before launching two revolutionary products on the market in 2011: D-Air® Racing and D-Air® Street, Air Bags that save lives on racing tracks and roads worldwide.


The Venice Biennale exhibition invites us to consider art as a trigger for new ideas. The fact that two major Dainese projects have been selected is prestigious recognition for Biosuit®, which will represent safe mobility in the future, and for D-Air® that currently provides safe mobility in an innovative way.


Not surprisingly, just recently, Dainese received another prestigious acknowledgement: the Leonardo da Vinci Award for Innovation, presented to Dainese by the President of the Italian Republic, thanks to the prime importance of the D-Air® project. The Leonardo da Vinci Award for Innovation is given to entrepreneurs whose companies have distinguished themselves for product quality innovation and a strong international, sales and production outlook.


The award, arising from a cultural background seemingly opposite to that of art, not by chance bears the name of Leonardo da Vinci, the sublime artist and extraordinary inventor, who, with his artistic works and technologies, showed how art and technology are far from being different and opposite worlds.


Such important acknowledgements, in this case in areas quite apart from the company’s business, see Dainese as the father of revolutionary technologies intended to improve the life of millions of sports enthusiasts.
Dainese: Design, technology and innovation at the service of mankind.

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