Payments for Products purchased by the Customer, as well as for the relative shipping charges, may only be made according to the following methods:

Credit card

If purchasing Products with a Credit Card, once the online transaction has been completed, the reference bank will only authorise the allotment of the amount relative to the submitted order. The amount for the purchased products will only be effectively charged to the Customer’s credit card once Dainese has issued the order confirmation. If the Customer should decide to exercise his/her right to withdraw from the contract after the payment for products purchased online has been made, Dainese shall instruct the banking institution to credit the amount for reimbursement to the Customer’s credit card. The Customer must be the holder of the credit card and the credit card must be valid at the time in which the online purchase order is submitted. Dainese will have no knowledge of the Customer’s credit card information at any time during the purchasing process. The credit card information is transmitted, by means of a protected network connection, directly to the website of the banking institution which handles the transaction. This information is not stored in any Dainese database. Dainese may not be held responsible for any fraudulent or improper credit card use by third parties for the payment of Products purchased on the Website.

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