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The first elbow protector that ensure a perfect fit for each consumer. The synergy between the Dainese in terms of high-performance materials (Pro-Shape and Crash Absorb materials) and the innovative Boa® system control, provides active people with protection and comfort standards ever achieved in the past.
The innovative Boa® system is characterized by a rotor that control the tension to a steel wire covered with nylon integrated into the structure of the knee protector.
With a simple rotation of the rotor of few degrees, you can change the adhesion of the protector to the knees, ensuring a perfect fit to all the different conformations.
In addition to that, a sandwich composed of an outer layer in polymer derived from F1 racing with the highest shock absorption capacity and remarkable elasticity is bonded to an inner layer of polyethylene foam of the highest thickness and visco elastic nitrile rubber to create an extremely flexible and deformable structure that also vaunts high shape retention for adaptation to the shapes of the body in order to ensure excellent ergonomics able to follow the body in even its smallest movements.
The use of a aluminum hard shell on the elbow, gives the product the highest possible level of protection, combined with uncompared comfort.
The perforated structure also ensures the correct ventilation of the area for greater riding comfort. This special construction is faced with a 3D polyester stretch fabric, Airnet Elastic, able to ensure adherence and breathability to the highest levels CE EN. 1621.1/97


  • Material

    Soft knee protection, with protective sandwich made of Pro-Shape and Crash absorb®. The protection is integrated in a supporting structure made of soft biaxial elasticated fabric and is provided with an adjustment system with straps and elastic bands

  • Ergonomics

    BOA micrometrical adjustment system

    Biaxial elasticated mesh support system

  • Temperature adjustment

    Pro-shape with perforations

  • Homologation

    Elbow impact protector Certified according to the standard EN 1621.1

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