Dainese interviews Andrea Iannone: the Ducati rider told us about his last adventure at the Le Mans GP, where the D-air airbag was the protagonist.


Dainese: At Le Mans you put in an impressive performance, racing with a dislocated shoulder and battling with Marquez. You finished in fifth, but under different circumstances it could have been a podium.

Andrea Iannone: Yes, I went to Le Mans in a lot of pain but left with immense satisfaction with my performance. It's just a shame I didn't use my D-air suit testing at Mugello. The first day of the test I had fallen and activated the D-air system in that suit, the next day I wore a suit without the airbag fitted and unfortunately fell again. At first I thought it was just going to be a slip, but then I met the gravel and started to roll and roll and damaged my shoulder. My first thought was "S**t, if I was wearing a suit with an airbag I would not have damaged by shoulder".


D: Yesterday you raced with the injury to your shoulder, how are you today?

AI: Today is the worst day, I hurt everywhere. That was the hardest race of my life but at the same time it was the most fun and that gave me the most satisfaction. This year my Ducati has improved significantly but MotoGP, as a category, is very physical and run races with a shoulder out of place is not the best situation.

With the help of the Clinica Mobile, to the support of my team and my tenacity, I decided not to give up and I have not missed even a qualifying all weekend. The race was hard having left shoulder out of order and meant I loaded everything on the right arm. Even riding with the injury I managed to stay in the top three for almost half of the race and I put everything I had in to make it to the end.


D: It was an incredible battle with Marquez, did you stood up for quite a while '...

AI: It is in other conditions, I would definitely put behind! At one point I had to let him pass, I tried to breathe slowly to rest a bit 'and be able to finish the race. I managed to limit the damage, I missed out on higher points, but considering the conditions in which I ran, a fifth place is not bad.

Now we see in Mugello! With the D-air this time eh! Never run out!

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