Dainese introduces the brand claim "Find your edge"


New brand presence: Legendary safety apparel manufacturer Dainese introduces fresh communication concept.


Dainese’s introduction of a new brand claim signals an “edgy“ new direction for the well-respected safety apparel


Recognized as the original pioneer in safety apparel, Dainese has unveiled a new communication direction that better aligns the brand with safety in the world of competitive sports. The new claim “Find your edge”, also aims to further underline the diversity of the Italian company’s protective gear products – from road and racing gear to winter sports, biking and horse riding.


Dainese has always believed that safety can be achieved only through innovation in the areas of protection, comfort and style. The combination of these three elements is present in all Dainese products – forming the basis the company’s values. The new communication aims to further emphasize these values, and will run through all elements of the Dainese identity.


The new claim “Find your edge” communicates a clear statement: freedom to push yourself to the edge of anything you do. Dainese protective gear is made for all conditions and all situations, giving you the confidence to push boundaries, and step right to the edge of what’s possible.


The claim also hints at finding a competitive advantage – something that’s only achievable when you block out hesitation, and focus clearly on the task at hand. When you’re reassured of complete safety, you’re able to find your edge and go to the limit. Ultimately, Dainese manufactures protective gear that allows you to be aggressive, and focus on what really matters – the ride. The new claim aims to reflect this ideal.

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