Free Maintenance Service for your D-air® Street in 2015!


For the whole of 2015, Dainese is offering its Maintenance Service free of charge when you buy a D-air® Street item; the Dainese airbag for road use.


The Maintenance Service usually costs €299 and will now be available free of charge for 2 years for new D-air® Street customers throughout 2015.


The promotion includes:

  • Free replacement of the Airbag in the event of deployment
  • No shipping costs.
  • A discount of 15% on any repair costs following damage or tears to the cover (Gore-Tex® jacket or Waistcoat)


When the promotion ends, you can renew your Maintenance Service for a further 2 years for €299.


Find your nearest authorised dealer, buy a new D-air® Street system and find out how to take part in the promotion!

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